INKnBURN Women's Red Robot Capris Left Side Waistband Up

Women's Red Robot Capris

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    Futuristic, powerful, all the promise of things to come... we've always had a soft spot for robots and all that technology can do. While the human form is still the greatest wonder, combining them both is just a little magical. Feel just a little immortal and indestructible in these beautifully illustrated capris! With a camouflaged pocket on the right thigh, a waistband you can fold down to reveal another beautiful design, drawstring waist, and Dry I.C.E. Technical fabric to keep you comfy and cool... these capris are the perfect for launching you on your next workout!   MSRP $ 84.95


    • Thigh Pocket Perfect for iPhone, GU or Keys

    • Wear 2-Way Waistband: Up or Rolled Down

    • Vibrant Lasting Color

    • Flat Seamed with Seamsoft Thread for Chafe Resistance

    • 100 Mile Ultra Tested

    • Made in the USA

  • Warranty Information

    With proper care, your INKnBURN apparel will stay vivid and vibrant for years!

    Wash on Cool or Warm. Do not use a detergent that contains bleach, whiteners or brighteners! Fabric softener is fine as long as it doesn't contain a bleach or brightener as well. Our colors will stay vivid and bright for years if you avoid any type of bleach. The dryer is fine for INB apparel and you can use dryer sheets, if you like. We recommend the permanent press setting that is warm, without being too hot. If you remove your apparel from the dryer while still warm, you should never need an iron. If you do want a more pressed look, you can use a cool iron.

    Please avoid washing your INB apparel with any velcro or coarse fabrics. The tiny holes, that allow our fabric to breath, will catch on materials like this and potentially snag. We can also not be responsible for damage caused by products worn over our apparel that might damage the fabric or the art on it.


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    1. Robot legs

      Such comfortable capris, nice material. I feel super fast running in this outfit.
      However the knees are very baggy and loose and the material in the crotch is rough.
      on Feb 25th 2017

    2. Love my Red Robot Capris

      Fits perfect. Lots of compliments on how coool the print is on Feb 14th 2017

    3. feeling strong

      I purchased a size6 because you were out of 8. I found this size fit me better!!! The details of this design is truly amazing! It boosted my self-esteem as soon as i put them on! I have become such s huge fan that I will not buy any other brand of running pants and running skirts. on Jan 14th 2017

    4. Great fit, great style

      I just rocked these for a half marathon on Thanksgiving. They were awesome! on Nov 29th 2016

    5. Iron Woman!

      I love these pants so much. The design is eye catching, and I adore the pocket (which fits my phone perfectly). I feel like a super hero-robot-warrior when running in these! on Oct 5th 2016

    6. red robot capris

      These fit amazing! True to fit they do not slide down as you run. Love them on Sep 30th 2016

    7. Runderful Red Robot

      These round out my robot collection. Absolutely amazing. Fun fun fun to run or casual. Love! on Sep 17th 2016

    8. Bionic Woman

      I am loving my new red robot capris! They are fun, functional, and make me feel like a machine. I wore them at my last trail race, and received many compliments. on Sep 14th 2016

    9. Mrs. Roboto

      I liked the old Robot capris but am loving the RED ones! I didn't know if I could emotionally "handle" the red... but it is extremely empowering! I feel like a MACHINE! on Sep 12th 2016

    10. Rockin Red Robot!

      I'm the proud owner of the original robot capris too, but these are STUNNING in person. High quality material as always, INKnBURN has outdone itself once again by providing a beautiful set of activewear. I get stopped multiple times a day when I'm wearing these comfy, cool capris. An instant classic and favorite! on Sep 7th 2016