INKnBURN Women's Monkey Tech Shirt Front

Women's Monkey Tech Shirt

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    Celebrate The Year of the Monkey with this newest INKnBURN Women's Tech Shirt design. Intelligent, curious, playful, and even mischievous are just a few attributes of the monkey.  They are also considered quite talented at getting their way and a bit naughty sometimes as a result.  The ancient character in red translates as "monkey" in many Asian languages.  With a calligraphic finishing brush stroke that suggests a curling tail, this shirt is a great reminder to stay curious, have fun and don't forget to play!   MSRP $ 49.95


    • Dry I.C.E. Technical Fabric (Instant Cooling by Evaporation)
    • Quick Wicking of Moisture
    • Vibrant Lasting Color 
    • Flat Seamed with Seamsoft Thread for Chafe Resistance
    • 100 Mile Ultra Tested
    • Made in the USA
  • Warranty Information

    With proper care, your INKnBURN apparel will stay vivid and vibrant for years!

    Wash on Cool or Warm. Do not use a detergent that contains bleach, whiteners or brighteners! Fabric softener is fine as long as it doesn't contain a bleach or brightener as well. Our colors will stay vivid and bright for years if you avoid any type of bleach. The dryer is fine for INB apparel and you can use dryer sheets, if you like. We recommend the permanent press setting that is warm, without being too hot. If you remove your apparel from the dryer while still warm, you should never need an iron. If you do want a more pressed look, you can use a cool iron.

    Please avoid washing your INB apparel with any velcro or coarse fabrics. The tiny holes, that allow our fabric to breath, will catch on materials like this and potentially snag. We can also not be responsible for damage caused by products worn over our apparel that might damage the fabric or the art on it.


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    1. Fun shirt!

      This is the most fun I've had with a running shirt. Great image, front and back. Jai Hanuman! on Apr 23rd 2016

    2. Very cool shirt

      Great design. Very soft fabric. Fits a little loose thru the waist. on Apr 19th 2016

    3. Monkeying around!

      This design (as with all of the INKnBURN designs) is even more beautiful in person. I wear it at work under a black blazer, I wear it to run in, pilates and cross fit. All of their designs are unique and meaningful. The fabric feels amazing and the clothes are so well made, not to mention they are made in the USA! on Apr 14th 2016

    4. Yay for Monkeys

      This tech shirt has quickly became a favorite of mine. The fabric is soft and comfortable, It holds up extremely well to trail running and no snagging in the tech fabric from branches and whatnots trail runner tend to run into. The design is absolutely beautiful. The eyes have expression. LOVE this tech shirt! on Apr 14th 2016

    5. NO WORDS

      The photo on the website does not do this the justice it deserves. This arrived and it is stunning! Not as many details as some other tech tees but the ones on here are perfect. You are immediately drawn to the eyes. The new larger women's size is the perfect length for me. This brings to life the year of the Monkey! on Apr 7th 2016

    6. Monkey See, Monkey Do

      Who doesn't want to run like a monkey? I've worn this shirt out for a run several times, and even to CrossFit. It wears well for both activities, and I always receive compliments. Classy yet fun, this shirt wins. on Apr 7th 2016

    7. Those Eyes Though

      Born in the Year of the Monkey, I had to have this shirt. It is even more beautiful in person. There are soft grays brushed throughout the shirt, and the eyes are gorgeous. I wear this to work and to run. Love. on Apr 4th 2016

    8. Drawn to the eyes!

      INKnBURN always has unique designs and this one really captured my attention. The detail in the eyes of the monkey is beautiful. I bought one for me and one for my husband to wear out on the roads and trails while we train and just have fun in life. on Apr 4th 2016

    9. First shirt ever that was comfy to run in

      I typically only wear tanks or long sleeve shirts to run in (weather permitting). Shirt sleeve have always bothered me. I ran 4 easy miles this week in my Monkey shirt and loved it. The Florida Heat can be a bear. My new InB shirts will get their use this summer. on Apr 1st 2016

    10. New Favorite!!

      When this shirt first came out, I will be honest and did not really like it. Then I saw other people wearing it and instantly fell in love... so i bought it :) I wear it for running and in the gym. The light weight material is perfect for both. Oh and the monkey's eyes are so pretty, they pop! A+++++ on Apr 1st 2016