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Men's Phoenix Tech Shirt

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    This Phoenix Tech Shirt was inspired by the mythological bird that recycles its own life. When it perceives its impending death, the phoenix ignites itself into a magnificent fire. In time, it reemerges from its own ashes - reborn, renewed, and very much alive.  There is so much symbolism tied to this sun loving bird; victory over death, passion, longevity, and creativity... all topics we love to explore with our own style of fire, color and passion.   MSRP $ 49.95

    • Dry I.C.E. Technical Fabric (Instant Cooling by Evaporation)
    • Quick Wicking of Moisture
    • Vibrant Lasting Color 
    • Flat Seamed with Seamsoft Thread for Chafe Resistance
    • 100 Mile Ultra Tested
    • Made in the USA

  • Warranty Information

    With proper care, your INKnBURN apparel will stay vivid and vibrant for years!

    Wash on Cool or Warm. Do not use a detergent that contains bleach, whiteners or brighteners! Fabric softener is fine as long as it doesn't contain a bleach or brightener as well. Our colors will stay vivid and bright for years if you avoid any type of bleach. The dryer is fine for INB apparel and you can use dryer sheets, if you like. We recommend the permanent press setting that is warm, without being too hot. If you remove your apparel from the dryer while still warm, you should never need an iron. If you do want a more pressed look, you can use a cool iron.

    Please avoid washing your INB apparel with any velcro or coarse fabrics. The tiny holes, that allow our fabric to breath, will catch on materials like this and potentially snag. We can also not be responsible for damage caused by products worn over our apparel that might damage the fabric or the art on it.


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    1. Rise again from the ashes!

      Nothing to revive my passion for running like this shirt! Received many compliments about the design and it feels great to wear. Keeps me cool and dry during my runs. Love these products. on Jun 1st 2017

    2. comfortable, free feeling.

      I just received it. Only worn it once so far. Very nice. My XL fit a little snug under the pectoral part of the armpit. But that's expected when your 6'3" and 215 lbs. (I've always had that issue.). Looking forward to future products. Love the artistic style that these shirts portray. on Feb 15th 2017

    3. love the designs but.....

      I love you designs. I really do but I have serious issues with the cut of your tops. I am 6"1" and 220 lbs. I order Xl sizing and it just fits. Just.
      It is snug in the body and I can handle that but it is cut too short for my length. I find myself running in what almost feels like a halter top. I'm not one to feel comfortable with my belly exposed.I really need 2 to 3 more inches at the bottom. Would you consider cutting a long size and use a tall person as your guide. I love everything else about your tops but that length is a show stopper.
      on Oct 28th 2016

    4. It was an eye-catcher at Twin Cities Marathon

      I buy unique shirts for some of the bigger races that I've run so far, and picked up the Phoenix shirt for this year's Twin Cities Marathon and it was a real head-turner. I received a lot of compliments on it (completely unsolicited) and it caught the attention of other Ink 'n Burn fans, too.

      The shirt was relatively comfortable and performed well. I can't say it's the most comfortable running shirt that I own — but I expect that given the focus of the shirt is more about the print than being über comfortable. Don't misread my comment though, it is comfortable and flexed well with my body when I ran. It just isn't as soft and comfortable as other fabrics out there.

      10/10 would order another Ink 'n Burn shirt for my next big run.
      on Oct 13th 2016

    5. My Fire Will Not Be Extinguished

      The story of the Phoenix is one of rising from the ashes. When I wear this shirt I feel empowered. The vibrant colors make me feel alive. on Jul 11th 2016


      I purchased the Phoenix tech shirt for my runner son, named PHOENIX. He's wanted this shirt for 6-months but I refused to buy it due the price. I told him it have to be a special occasion to get it. So for his 13th birthday, I surprised him with it. He was over the moon excited for it and is ready to wear it for his upcoming XC season.

      Also, he is 5'6" and the medium fit perfect.
      on Jul 9th 2016

    7. Great shirt!

      The fit is perfect, I'm medium, ordered M and fits like a glove. Really good quality, no chaffing and I really appreciate the I.C.E. technology of the shirt.
      I have the 'Phoenix' design, wonderful colours that relly help me stand out, which is particularly useful where I live, narrow roads with few paths..."be seen & be safe"!

      P.S. How about some shorts for us guys?
      on Jun 30th 2016

    8. Really great product.

      I have only worn the shirt once for a two hour run and it performed exceptionally well. I didn't notice any sort of rub from any part of the shirt. The Dri-fit material wicks well (80-85 degrees and high humidity). I generally can where a L or XL, usually the Large has to be a little large and the XL needs to be a little small, otherwise things don't fit right. The XL size fit great, it's not baggy around the middle as most XL shirts are. It's not skin tight like some of the UA shirts can be. The length was great (I'm 6-3), shoulders fit good, and sleeve length perfect. Really great product. Some will say that it is pricy. It is, but the graphic quality and material is exceptional. When paying a little extra for gear you want it to be awesome and IMHO this is a really is worth the premium price. on Jun 24th 2016

    9. Men's shirts work for women too!

      The women's shirt was sold out so I ordered the men's shirt in a smaller size to fit me. It works! It will be paired with my Sparkle peacock maple skirt for my next event. It matches GREAT! Plus, the colors are amazing and the graphics top notch! Just goes to show, if you want a special shirt, you can make it happen if you are willing to make allowances. :) on Jun 22nd 2016

    10. Eye Catching and Functional!

      Broke out this beautiful design at the Coachella 2016 Music and Art Festival.

      Can't tell you how many people complimented me on this shirt and where I purchased it. Having said that about the design, this shirt served me well in the desert heat and provided me comfort all day and into the evening. Never once did it feel clammy or wet despite the temps.
      Love Ink N Burn products for both workout and casual wear as well.
      on May 19th 2016