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Ambassador Application



Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our INKnBURN Ambassadors!

If you are an INKnBURN enthusiast who loves to stay active and connect with others, please fill out the Ambassador Application so we can get to know more about you. In order to be considered for a spot, you must already own and love INKnBURN gear!

What we look for in an Ambassador:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Great role models and people who inspire others
  • Outgoing and comfortable talking with others about our brand
We look at many factors when deciding who to select as an ambassador and these factors often change over time. We have a limited number of spots available and will only be able to choose the top candidates who fit what we are looking for when making selection. Some factors we look for are geographical location, quality of photos and sphere of influence. 
We review applications at the beginning of the year and in the fall. Specific timelines will be posted on our Facebook Page as those dates are determined. However, you are welcome to send your applicationin at any time so we have it ready to go when we are able to welcome new ambassadors
Application Instructions:
1. Copy/paste the application below and, once completed, send to with the subject "Application" in the headline.
2. In the same email, please attach your 3 BEST photos wearing INKnBURN. (Please note that applications that do not include sample photos in INKnBURN gear will not be considered.) Please note: we are not looking for specific body types or people that look like fashion models. We are looking for people who can get inspiring, motivating, joyful, creative or humorous photos of themselves wearing INKnBURN gear. 




how can you help us get more people to try our apparel?  

• While we got our start in Ultra Running, our fans use INKnBURN for a wide variety of activities. What do you do to stay active and healthy?

• How did you hear about our Ambassador Program?

• Why are you interested in becoming an INKnBURN Ambassador?

• Approximately when did you acquire your first piece of INKnBURN and which design was it?

• What is your favorite INKnBURN design?

• Are you currently under contract as an ambassador/sponsored athlete with any other companies? (Please list)

• What are personal, professional and/or health goals are you currently working on?

• Do you mentor other athletes? 

• What are your 2017-2018 Race highlights (race, location, overall place/total runners)?  Please limit list to 10.

• If you will be racing or competing in 2018-2019, please list the race name and distance or competition name.

• Please fill out ALL columns of the chart for any social networks you are active in:

Social Media Network
# of followers
Link to Page or Handle
Personal or Fitness Website


• Please list any online groups or discussion forums you are a part of online (i.e. Marathon Maniacs, RunJunkees, etc..).

• Do you share your photos or videos online?

• How would your friends describe you?

• Are you affiliated with any local running stores, gyms, yoga studios, fitness groups?

• Are you affiliated with any charities?

• Are you a member of any athletic organization, sport or social league?

• Do you hold any leadership roles?

• What was the last product you shared with your followers?

• How would you help us tell others about INKnBURN and encourage them to try or apparel?

• What is your day job/career/or area of expertise?

Please email your completed application with 3 photos of you wearing INKnBURN to us at: