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Women's Run or Die Shorts

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Bordering on war paint, this Run or Die Women's Singlet is all about intensity, endurance and power.  Can you find our trademark Run or Die motto in the art?  With racing stripes to symbolize speed and the skull that represents triumph over death, this women's workout short still means many things to many people.  For some, it represents their choice to start exercising and get healthy.  For others, it is that battle with yourself, to alway push for better and squeeze more out of every minute of your time on earth.  MSRP $ 64.95

Product Features:

• Dry I.C.E. Super Light Woven Fabric Shorts

• Super Comfy Moisture Wicking Panty

• Wear 2-Way Waistband: Up for Flat Look or Fold Down for a Low Cut Look

• Two Front Pockets

• Vibrant Lasting Color

• Flat Seamed with SeamSoft Thread for Chafe Resistance

• 100 Mile Ultra Tested

• Made in the USA