Women's Herringbone Performance Denim Pants Left Side

Women's Herringbone Performance Denim Pants

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    These pants may look like a wonderfully classic herringbone tweed but, it is an illusion created by our art!  They are really made with our Dry I.C.E. Performance Fabric so they have a silky, cool feel and wick moisture away while you workout.  Since we place all our art by hand, we can add nice details like pockets and stitching to complete the look. These herringbone pants are great for getting double takes while running or working out, they are also the perfect stealth pants that you can dress up... for comfort almost anywhere you go!   MSRP $ 99.00


    • Thigh Pocket Perfect for iPhone, GU or Keys

    • Wear 2-Way Waistband: Up or Rolled Down

    • Vibrant Lasting Color

    • Flat Seamed with Seamsoft Thread for Chafe Resistance

    • 100 Mile Ultra Tested

    • Made in the USA

  • Warranty Information

    With proper care, your INKnBURN apparel will stay vivid and vibrant for years!

    Wash on Cool or Warm. Do not use a detergent that contains bleach, whiteners or brighteners! Fabric softener is fine as long as it doesn't contain a bleach or brightener as well. Our colors will stay vivid and bright for years if you avoid any type of bleach. The dryer is fine for INB apparel and you can use dryer sheets, if you like. We recommend the permanent press setting that is warm, without being too hot. If you remove your apparel from the dryer while still warm, you should never need an iron. If you do want a more pressed look, you can use a cool iron.

    Please avoid washing your INB apparel with any velcro or coarse fabrics. The tiny holes, that allow our fabric to breath, will catch on materials like this and potentially snag. We can also not be responsible for damage caused by products worn over our apparel that might damage the fabric or the art on it.


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    1. OMG....these rock!

      Tbis is definitely my favorite pair of dress-up denim pants to grab for! Love the comfort of being able to wear these to work! I get so many compliments on these! on Jun 12th 2017

    2. So Cool!

      These pants are so comfortable. I love the way people try to figure out if they are really jeans or not. I purchased the size 8 for my 5'5" 135 lb frame. This is the same size I normally buy in pants. I hesitated because of the price, but once I tried them on, I knew this would not be my last pair. on Jun 4th 2017

    3. Best Not Jeans EVER!

      I love the feel and fit of these pants. I can't wait for cooler weather so I can do some trail run in these. The fit (waist) is true to size. I would have given 5 stars but I needed to take them to alterations to hem up since the pants do not come in petite size (I'm only 5'). on Jun 1st 2017

    4. Amazing jeans without the tight feeling!

      I loved my first pair so much that I couldn't wait to order these ones! They are such a great combo with everything - INKnBURN or otherwise - and so comfortable. The high quality is a treat to wear and with just the appropriate amount of stretch - you could wear them to church ;) You will want to live in them. on Feb 23rd 2017

    5. can wear them ANYWHERE!

      Lots of compliments when I wore them with a white shirt and black jacket out to dinner. But I can also wear them to exercise class and people always ask me where I got them. Very versatile. on Feb 17th 2017

    6. I live in these.. no, really.

      These pants are absolutely to DIE for. The herringbone pattern is super flattering on all body types (even myself, who is a curvier girl) and they legitimately look like a pair of dress pants.

      Because they are grey/black, they go with EVERYTHING in your closet as well. These are a must buy!
      on Feb 16th 2017

    7. Comfortable and Flattering!

      These feel exactly like the most comfortable yoga pants you could possibly own, but they look like a real pair of slacks that you want to pair with a cute tunic and wear to work. I like to wear them for yoga and while hiking because the ankle opening fits nicely over my hiking shoes and the legs are long enough to keep debris out of them. on Feb 16th 2017

    8. Best Jeans Ever!!!

      I love all of the jeans I've gotten so far. These, however, seem to be a bit smaller than the others in the same size. Not enough to make me have to size up, but enough that I notice it while wearing them. I love them, nonetheless, and maybe I'll just have to watch what I eat now so I don't risk growing out of these. LOL on Feb 15th 2017

    9. Complimentary Contour

      The Herringbone Denim Pant for ladies fits my body like a glove and totally compliments the contour of my body!!! These pants feel utterly Amazing & never lose their shape!! The compliments I get on these performance pants are off the charts!!!....icing on the cake!! THANK YOU INK-n-BURN!!!!! on Feb 14th 2017

    10. Work to Workout!

      I feel like Wonder Women in these. I wore them to work with my blouse/blazer and no one new the difference. Went straight form work to run trails and changing was a breeze since I only had to put on a shirt and sneaks! Fashion and function! Plus they are so comfy. I have a nice INB collection and I love every piece. This is another WIN! Highly recommend! I'll be wearing these on my next ULTRA with one of my many awesome INKnBURN shirts! on Feb 12th 2017