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Women's Dandelion Long Sleeve Tech Shirt

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As we begin a new year, we decided to start it off with this Women's Dandelion Long Sleeve Tech Shirt. Remember blowing on one as a child to get your wish? It is our hope for 2017 that all your wishes come true and a reminder that wishes do have power.  A drifting seed can be the start of something bright and beautiful. A symbol of happiness, joy and keeping in touch with your inner child. Also a symbol of staying power, dandelions flower longer than most other plants in their environment. A vibrant and cheerful top to remind you to have hope and have fun.  MSRP $69.95


• Dry I.C.E. Technical Fabric (Instant Cooling by Evaporation)
• Quick Wicking of Moisture
• Vibrant Lasting Color 
• Flat Seamed with Seamsoft Thread for Chafe Resistance
• 100 Mile Ultra Tested
• Made in the USA