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Unisex Sandstone 4Arms

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These Sandstone 4Arms are great to slip on and keep your arms warm at the start of your workout and easy to stash once you heat up. A composition of waves, curls, arches and whorls - the sort of features only wind and water could conceive, all carved by time and the elements, as fluid as the forces that shape them.  A collage of images from the Slot Canyons of Utah, a dream world where lines bend, up is down, and inside is out.  For sizing information, see the Product Features Tab.  MSRP $ 29.95


• Dry I.C.E. Fabric for Wicking Away Moisture

• Vibrant Lasting Color

• Flat Seamed with Seamsoft Thread for Chafe Resistance

• 100 Mile Ultra Tested

• Made in the USA

If you like a snug fit and are right between sizes, go for the smaller size.