INKnBURN Mens Singlet Flow - Front

Men's Flow Singlet

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    This Men's Singlet only looks like your favorite worn-out tank, but is really made with our Dry I.C.E. Technical Fabric!   This design features the elements of water, earth and air... the natural flow of nature that is so powerful and uplifting.  Our athletic shirts feel so amazing, you'll forget you even have one on until someone comes up and tells you, "Hey! Cool Shirt!".  MSRP $ 39.95
    • Dry I.C.E. Technical Fabric (Instant Cooling by Evaporation)
    • Quick Wicking of Moisture
    • Vibrant Lasting Color 
    • Flat Seamed with Seamsoft Thread for Chafe Resistance
    • 100 Mile Ultra Tested
    • Made in the USA

  • Warranty Information

    With proper care, your INKnBURN apparel will stay vivid and vibrant for years!

    Wash on Cool or Warm. Do not use a detergent that contains bleach, whiteners or brighteners! Fabric softener is fine as long as it doesn't contain a bleach or brightener as well. Our colors will stay vivid and bright for years if you avoid any type of bleach. The dryer is fine for INB apparel and you can use dryer sheets, if you like. We recommend the permanent press setting that is warm, without being too hot. If you remove your apparel from the dryer while still warm, you should never need an iron. If you do want a more pressed look, you can use a cool iron.

    Please avoid washing your INB apparel with any velcro or corse fabrics. The tiny holes, that allow our fabric to breath, will catch on materials like this and potentially snag. We can also not be responsible for damage caused by products worn over our apparel that might damage the fabric or the art on it.


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    1. mens flow singlet

      Love this. Tested it on a long Umstead Park run and it felt better than any tech top I have--and I have them all. Something unexpected did happen though. I received several compliments on the design and colors. That never happens. on Jul 6th 2015

    2. Love the Inkburn Singlet

      I ordered it and ran the Cleveland Marathon in it. It was extremely hot, and the singlet did not cling to me as others have. It fits great, not running small like most others. I got a lot of compliments on it and heard a few calls of "Go Inkburn" during the race. Highly recommended. Will be getting more Inkburn in the future. on May 28th 2015

    3. InkNBurn high quality

      This is ma great tech shirt. Its rare to find tech shirts with art and more than one color. Most singelet are bland. I wear my team singelets for racing but when im not I definitely wear these awesome shirts. on May 22nd 2015

    4. Mens FLow Singlet

      Love the new singlet. Ran a half marathon the day after I got it in the mail. No chaffing, breathe's very well. Highly recommend for a warm weather top. on Mar 20th 2015

    5. Let your run shine like the sun

      I noticed INKnBURN apparel and been struck by the vivid design and bright colors. I'm bored by monochrome apparel and even more bored by all-black or full fluo looks. I was looking for something that allowes me to be noticed and made me stand from the crowd.
      INKnBURN singlet simply catched my eyes and immediately reminded me of the wonderful runs made on the seaside last summer. I ordered and almost immediately arrived, along with a hand written big "Thank You" sheet.
      Also, the fabric is soft ant touch and very comfortable; I look forward to wear it very soon, and cannot bu reccomend it to every runner on Earth!
      Good job folks!!
      on Mar 6th 2015

    6. Great Fit and best singlet I have ever purchased!

      Great Fit and best singlet I have ever purchased! Will continue to purchase my running gear from here! on Mar 5th 2015

    7. Great, as usual!

      Light weight, great fit. The type of quality you expect from Inknburn. on Feb 28th 2015

    8. Snazzy Style!

      This is an awesome singlet... not only is it light, but it has a catchy color scheme. Whether I'm speeding along dirt-packed trails or cruising around the track, I'm sure to be wearing one of these :) on Feb 26th 2015

    9. awesome, vibrant design!

      I have quite a few INB designs, and this one is the most colorful and vibrant one I own. Awesome colors! on Feb 26th 2015