INKnBURN Photo Page Tips

Tips for getting the best looking shirt possible:
• For the best resolution, use a portrait photo from your smart phone photo library.
• If you photo is rotated in our viewer, edit on your phone then upload again.
- There is an iPhone bug that causes some photos to rotate:
- Click edit in your photo library, rotate, save, rotate back and save again then re-upload.
• Since we have to scale the photo up to fit the shirt, use as high of resolution photo as possible.
• Photos from social media are usually scaled down for speed, use the original in your photo library!

1. Be sure to use a portrait layout, not landscape. Our shirts are taller than they are wide.


2. Use a photo with good lighting. Indoors will make the photo have a more yellow color. 
Outdoor lighting will be cooler lighting during the main daylight hours.
Sunrise and sunset can create a beautiful golden light but, you have to be sure there is plenty of light on your subject to catch the details!


3.  We don't want to loose any of that adorable mug in the collar of our shirt...