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2018 Women's Winter Mystery Mailer

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These are the extras from our 2018 Winter Mystery offering and we have just a few extras available. Please note, we do NOT have any more bags so we are just offering the items that were inside. There are no pictures. That's because it is a surprise! Let's admit, life can get kind of predictable. So every once in a while we like to offer something that will be a total surprise for the awesome people who love what we do. The little we can say, there will be some new twists on some great INB classics. The photo isn't a hint, it is get you in a winter state of mind. There will definitely be some cozy cold weather gear designed to lift your spirits in the dark months of winter. MSRP $175

 Box Contents:

• Exclusive Items not Previously Offered on our Website
• All Limited Edition Designs
• Athletic Apparel and More Surprises