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2018 Women's Winter Mystery Bag

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Announcing the 2018 Mystery Bag Pre-Order! Instead of a box, you throw away, we decided to put everything in a cool, INB style bag. You might be asking yourself about now, what is it? There are no pictures. That's because it is a surprise! Let's admit, life can get kind of predictable. So every once in a while we like to offer something that will be a total surprise for the awesome people who love what we do. The little we can say, there will be some new twists on some great INB classics. The photo isn't a hint, it is get you in a winter state of mind. There will definitely be some cozy cold weather gear designed to lift your spirits in the dark months of winter. Just to make it even better, free shipping for domestic and international! We anticipate 8-10 weeks to turn the blank canvas of this bag and its contents into cool and colorful surprises before we can ship.  Total value will exceed $200.00, your price $175.00. Order Deadline: Friday September 14th EOD.

 Box Contents:

• Exclusive Items not Previously Offered on our Website
• All Limited Edition Designs
• Athletic Apparel and More Surprises